God’s envoys for church multiplication in the countryside…


This is a blog site about church multiplication and intentional disciple-making using the simple/organic/house church strategy. We are Filipino missionaries called by God as kingdom envoys to help bring God’s message of love and hope to people in the remote rural communities of the Philippines. This work is carried out in partnership with Christian Mission Network-Philippines (CMN). We are co-owners of CMN’s vision of reaching out to needy churches in the Philippines by spreading the love of God among struggling provincial churches and empower their ministry of  spreading the gospel of salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Life in the house is a Bible-believing christian group, actively networking with Philippine House Church Movement and Bible-believing  churches in the Philippines for kingdom expansion, renewal, and unity in the body of Christ. It is a non-traditional church multiplication ministry, committed to bringing heaven a little closer to earth through transformational approach to missions. As a missions’ partner, we serve God in line with the following core values:

Church is not a building, but people. Wherever God’s people meet, the church is there; for God’s presence indwells a believer and Jesus is in the midst of two, three or more who gather in His name (1 Cor.3:16; 6:19).
A small church multiplies fast. A community of 15-20 authentic believers who are passionate for God and committed to do His will, multiplies easily and fast (Acts 2:46-47).
Jesus is the only head of the church. A church is like a human body with one head but having many members of different functions. A body with more than one head is not normal; the same holds true with the church. True unity, edification, and leadership in the church is attained when believers corporately hear obey the voice of its head (Mt.16:18; Eph.4:11-16).
•Elder-led church and decision-making by consensus. (1Tim.3:2-11; Titus 3:2-11; 1 Pet5:1-4; 1 Tim.1:7; Acts 1:23;6;5).
Multiplication of transformed disciples is a must. A true disciple is a soul-winner and disciple-maker, not just a faithful church goer (Mt.28:19; Ac.6:7).
Evangelism is both word and deed. God loves the total man – body, soul, spirit. The gospel of salvation addresses the total need of man.
Every believer is a kingdom builder. The believers’ place of work is their kingdom assignment. As they live out the life of Christ, God’s kingdom will come to their workplace through them.
Apostolic patterns for church practices are to be followed today. Traditions that were normative for the early church are to be followed by the church today because they are commanded in the Bible (2 Tim.2:15).

As seen in the ministry of Jesus and the early disciples, missions ought to be transformational — the gospel message must address the total need of a person, as well as the community where he belongs.

The following key objectives are specified to carry out what has been stated above :

To develop an effective and workable strategy for poverty alleviation in a target community.
To provide medical care and health services for the poorest of the poor.
To provide specialized kind of pre-school education for children in need of learning to read and write.
To implement programs for moral and spiritual development of the people in the community, especially the younger generation.
To evangelize and disciple the people of peace in the target area, and to establish self-multiplying micro churches.
To train pastors and church leaders in church multiplication endeavour using simple church strategy.

Meet Willy and MercyDigital image

Willy’s passion is to win souls and disciple them to become effective servants of Christ. God called him to pioneer churches in places where God leads him to go. Mercy is a free-lance music consultant, home school teacher and a certified BLESS Coordinator and Master Reading Instructor of the School of Tomorrow Philippines.

Willy came to know the Lord through a group of Baptist believers in a Bible study held regularly at their home in Quezon City way back in 1977. Mercy, came to Christ through the Barry Moore Crusade held in Manila, Philippines sometime in 1977. Both of them completed a Bible school education and also had the privilege of having additional graduate level training. They got married in 1989 and spent 7 of their early years as Bible school teachers and church workers. Prior to embracing the simple church strategy, they were involved in pastoral ministry for 14 years. They are blessed by God with four boys and additional two adopted male children.